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Hi, it's me, Linda, your flower farmer extraordinaire!

Here's a little bit about me and why I farm flowers:

Flowers have always been a big part of my life mainly because my mother had an obsession with them. She was the one with the green thumb and I never thought I would follow in her footsteps until I experienced the joy they can bring to one's life.

After I was widowed, August of 2014, I lived in such dark sadness for months. Then I stumbled across Floret Flower Farm online and seeing their beautiful flowers brought rays of sunshine into my darkness.

I started a blog, Blossoming Widow, and now I'm a Cut Flower Farmer! It's a lot of hard work but the joy of working with flowers, smelling their fragrance and reaping a harvest of such beauty makes it all worth it.

Today, I have remarried to a wonderful man, Jeremy, who is my main laborer. The best part is, he's free!...LOL

When people see Arizona Blossom Cellar's Instagram or Facebook page they comment that I have such a green thumb, and it makes me laugh because what they don't see are all the hundreds of plants I've killed!

Each and every time I'm able to harvest a bucketful of beautiful flowers I am so very thankful, humbled, and amazed.

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