Heirloom Narcissus Bloom Care

30 March 2021

Heirloom Narcissus (Fancy Daffodils) are 'Dirty Flowers' and what that means is when you snip them off the plant they ooze sap that will kill other flowers if you mix them in right away in a vessel.

If they are included in your bucket you'll see that I have them in a separate cup with water. Take them out carefully from the bucket, throw the water away and fill with new water and place them back in but don't cut their stems again, ever.

Be sure to leave them in a vessel by themselves overnight so they can get rid of all their sap. They need to be by themselves for about 12 hours.

Below is Sir Winston Churchill Heirloom Narcissus in a Terracotta Vase by themselves.

About me-4

These Pink Charm Heirloom Narcissus are in a cup of their own in the bucket. Aren't they beautiful?

March 28, 2021-6

I placed them in an arrangement with tulips after waiting overnight.

March 30, 2021